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XE88 - Why Choose Casino Apps Over Casino Websites?

The number of players on casino game apps will soon exceed the number of players on online casinos. There were only brick-and-mortar casinos in the past. It was tough for millions of people to find a reliable place to bet real money and win some money without any trouble.

We technologies improved rapidly and smart developers introduced online casinos. People did not switch to online casinos immediately. They assessed these platforms and ensured that these platforms are safe to put real money on stake.

Highly advanced casino games ensured fair results just like the games in brick-and-mortar casinos offer. Therefore, online casinos entertained millions of users in the past two decades. These casinos are now losing active users. Casino apps like Xe88 are luring players towards their impeccable gambling platforms.

Many people tried Xe88 download and they all are satisfied with the performance of this app. Why people are more attracted to apps like Xe88? Will online casinos soon lose all their active users? Continue reading to reveal the answer!

Why XE88 casino apps are so popular now?

The latest statistics reveal that around 46% of people prefer to play casino games on apps. This number is constantly increasing with the rate of 10% each year. It is obvious that casinos with highly responsive websites will be the only surviving browser-based online casinos. The rest will either vanish or improve their platforms to entertain the existing users.

Platforms like Xe88 are consistently performing better with each passing year. Let’s find out why these apps are luring more users than casino websites.

  • Mobile devices have become much smarter now!
  • Mobile devices have become much smarter than early mobile phones. Originally invented for wireless communication, today’s mobile phones are used for entertainment, business, gaming, and also for education. You hold a device that can perform much better than the computer used in Apollo 11.

    As mobile devices got smarter, games also become better and more impressive. It does not matter whether you are a techie guy or not, everyone owns high-tech hardware. Modern mobile devices use processors, which can easily handle games with HD graphics. That’s why casino apps offer truly amazing graphics.

    The latest smartphones and tabs can run any online casino game you want. The Xe88 app provides games with HD graphics. All these games perform pretty well in terms of functions and features. You cannot expect the same performance of the game on a casino website. People don’t feel impressed with poor quality graphics on casino sites and that’s why they are switching to casino apps.

  • Games are not designed only for desktop environments now!
  • Developers were using Flash for coding when they were designing games for casino websites. This language is not compatible with modern Android and iOS devices. It is impossible to port a casino game on a mobile device if it was coded in Flash.

    Developers quickly recognized this problem and they started using HTML5 to code casino games. Companies like Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, Red Tiger Gaming, and many others now use HTML5 to craft impressive games for mobile users. These games are created specifically to please mobile device users. Consequently, players are switching to Xe88 and other similar platforms for a much better gambling experience.

  • Mobile devices are more convenient than PCs:
  • You carry your smartphone with you all the time. It has become an integral part of our life, people do not have such a relationship with their personal computers. PCs are used mostly for education, business, and entertainment. Yes, people also play games on their desktops but not on the go.

    You cannot open your laptop in public and start playing a casino game. There is no such problem if you are playing a casino game on your smartphone. It is a small device that you can carry conveniently anywhere you want. You can bet on some video slots and table games as long as you want and then put it back in your pocket.

    You can use VPN and other methods to hide your footprints if online gambling is not legal in your nation. People will never know whether you are playing an ordinary smartphone game or a casino game on the Xe88 app.

  • Play anywhere you want:
  • It is tough to stay online on casino websites forever. You can rarely get a chance in your office, institution, and especially when you are on a vacation. There is no such issue when you are using a smartphone. You can log in and stay online as long as you want.

    Place your bet and make the move, the result will be there within a few seconds. You can play further if you want or lock your device and put it in your pocket. People are strictly prohibited from using certain websites in work areas. However, nobody asks you to turn off the apps running in your locked phone.

    You can turn off the sound of the game and play as long as you want. That is a major perk of playing casino games on smartphones and tabs. Xe88 allows the user to manage the sound of the game according to his preference. You can use this app in complete secrecy if you don’t want to disclose your actions to others.

  • Games take shape according to your device’s screen size:
  • Mobile apps are designed to shape as per the need of the user. Every app appears designed specifically for the device you are using. That’s because modern smartphone apps are flexible. These apps shape their graphics and features depending on the type of device a user is using.

    Suppose you are using the Xe88 app on a tab, it will cover the entire screen and feature large-size icons of different functions. If you are using the same application on iPhone 4S, it will again shape according to that small screen device and provide all the necessary functions. You can touch and enable each function with ease. You cannot get the same support when visiting a casino website through your mobile browser. That’s why people love casino apps more than websites.

    Why the Xe88 app is a perfect casino app?

    Although the internet is flooded with many casino gaming apps, the Xe88 app is unique and better. This application works flawlessly on all the mobile devices. You will experience the same performance whether you are using an expensive device or a low-end smartphone.

    It covers minimum space on your device and performs like a high-end gaming app. The following features will force you to go for Xe88 download.

  • Exceptional user interface:
  • Let’s begin with the first thing you notice when you open a new app. The Xe88 app offers a very simple and straightforward user interface. It is easy to navigate and there is no tricky function. The beginners will find it pretty easy to log in, find a game, bet, and win money.

    This app seems like the best platform to learn online gambling. You get a variety of games to choose from. Each game offers a comprehensive guide to learn how to bet and how to win. Even a newbie gambler can win a lot of money on this platform with zero gambling experience! That’s how intuitive and user-friendly this app is.

  • Impressive graphics and sounds:
  • High definition graphics of this app grab your attention from the moment you log in. Each game on this platform is filled with impressive animations. Game’s sounds keep you alert all the time and help you in making wise decision throughout the gameplay. The whole environment is created to improve your interest in the game. Thus, you can choose your bets and gameplay moves smartly.

    Each game on this platform features a different kind of themes and animations. Sounds relate perfectly to the themes of video slots you choose to bet. You can select to play silently if you do not like the background sounds and vibrations.

    Many casino apps do not offer this feature. Therefore, players quit those apps when they are in the office or other places where they cannot play mobile games. It won’t feel awkward if you play silently because impressive graphics will keep you focused on your game.

  • Xe88 has a great collection of casino games:
  • Xe88 offers you fish, table, slot, classic, and live dealer casino games. There are many games in all these categories. It has one of the largest collections of video slots. Most of those slot games are created by the most reputable casino game developers in the world.

    The developers have chosen top-rated video slots and they continuously update new titles in the list of the video slots. You always get something new and unique to bet and try your luck. Most of the slot games on this platform have five reels. You can also select progressive slots to raise the prize value with each new bet. Thus, you can win a huge prize if you get the best sequence of symbols on all five reels.

  • Unbreakable security:
  • The Xe88 app keeps your data secure by using 128-bit encryption technology. Nobody can access your data until you share it with someone else, which is highly unlikely on a gambling platform. This app does not share any information about its users with third-party apps.

    This platform is powered by Playtech, which is one of the top casino game software providers in the world. All the games offered on this platform use cutting-edge RNG software to produce random results. Whether it is an online slot or table game, the results are unpredictable like real casino games. You can play 24-7 and win a lot of money on this app.

  • Admirable customer service:
  • Some online casinos became people’s favourite online gambling destinations because they offered 24-7 customer support to their customers. Although that tradition lost when many unsecured apps emerged with big claims of providing legitimate gambling experience. People tried those apps and lost their money.

    The Xe88 app was launched to prevent Asian players from losing their money on unsecured gambling platforms. It is a legitimate app and it provides you with 24-7 customer support. Experts are there to answer all your questions and provide instant solutions for your technical and non-technical issues.

    Downloading Xe88 app on your mobile device:

    Both iTunes and Google Play Store do not endorse the Xe88 app because it provides online gambling feature. Even though iTunes has started promoting such apps, this app store only endorses American platforms. Xe88 is an Asian app, designed specifically for Asian users. You can download it directly by clicking on Xe88 download link.

    This app does not take too long to download. It is a lightweight app and it downloads within a few seconds. iOS device users will have to configure their device to run this app. You will have to grant certain permissions in order to complete the installation process. It will take just a few minutes and then you can install it.

    The Android device users won’t face any such issue. The Xe88 app is a legitimate gambling platform. It installs immediately on Android devices. You can log in with your account ID and password, and then get access to the main lobby. All the games are featured in the main lobby. You can enjoy live dealer casino games or swipe right to explore the entire collection of video slots.

    Final thoughts:

    Casino websites seem great on laptops and desktops, but not on smartphones and tabs. You will have to switch to a casino app if you want to enjoy gambling on your mobile device without facing any trouble.

    The Xe88 app acts as the most reliable platform, which brings new games developed by the world’s top casino game creators. It is a one-stop destination to explore all the latest video slots, fish, table, and classic games.

    This platform always surprises you with newly added titles. You get impressive themes, icons, and gameplay features in new games. Such features keep you engaged and encourage you to bet more and win more money. That’s why the Xe88 app is one of the fastest-growing mobile gambling apps in Asia. Try it if you want to earn real money by playing some entertaining casino games.

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